Glitter and lights

Halloween night coincide with the first Festival des Lumieres Bruxelles (Lights Festival Brussels) this year. The latter was about to last for four nights, so I decided to focus on the Halloween parties first. The one which attracted my attention was “Années Folles” on the theme The Haunted Great Gatsby. It was taking place at Loui Lounge & Bar of the elegant Steigenberger Hotel, the one which recently hosted the Accessible Art Fair.

I am not into the vampire and ghost aesthetic at all. Even more of a reason for me to be attracted to the elegant chic of the 20s.

I arrived around 11 pm when the party was in its full force. It was lovely to see that everyone had made the effort to respect the theme. All the disguised newcomers were getting a free cocktail which attentive waiters were collecting away as soon as they found it abandoned so that one can pay those 15 euro per the second one. The party did not  have entrance fee and everything has a price, right? It was worth it. The atmosphere was really nice. The venue was full but not crowded and the DJ was doing a good job. There was a makeup artist who was giving the Halloween touch to those who wanted to look like witches or other sinister creatures. Balloons were hanging here and there and feathers were decorating the heads of the ladies. I was given one too at the end by a stranger.

The party did not last till late but this was expected provided its setting.

In the following night I headed to Fete des Lumieres. It was not huge but still impressive. The first thing I saw was the Pizza Tower constructed by lights.

Pizza Tower

Rays in different colours were stretching over the channel and light performances were starting at certain hours in different spots along it.

Photo: Bojana Bego

The walls of two of the nearby buildings were turned into screens and impressive sound and light shows were taking place on them. It was beautiful.

Photo: Bojana Bego

Photo: Bojana Bego

Further on a man was producing electricity with his hands.

Photo: Bojana Bego

Two skeletons were dancing tango in an animation on the ground of another pavilion. This evoked mixed feelings in me, being a tango dancer myself.

Fire was set at a few places in an area, separated with a fence. And fireworks over the channel were adding to the celebrative atmosphere.

It was a nice initiative, colourful and different. I expect it to grow bigger and bigger with every new edition.

After all the glitter and lights I was happy to have a glass of raspberry wine in one of Brussels oldest bars, well hidden but very popular among the connaisseurs …which I may reveal in a future post.

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