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The Cocktails of Casa Bacardi

Casa Bacardi is a temporary initiative “to celebrate more than 150 years of perfect drinks, hospitality & great parties”. It started three weeks ago and has been taking place only over the weekend (Thursday-Saturday) evenings. Nuestra casa es su casa is its tagline. Indeed it is the case.

I was there on the first Saturday and it was a really special experience.  The venue is beautiful. A house in Moroccan style with a beautiful garden and romantic pavilions in it.

Then the staff was also very nice and friendly. We immediately received free welcome drink.

Casa Bacardi

Next thing we were checking the cocktails with the special viewer they offer you for this purpose.  Bacardi was, clearly, the main element in all of them.

Casa Bacardi

As we were chatting with the barman, trying to make a difficult choice since all these cocktails sounded really tempting, he said: “Let me prepare something for you. It’s a treat.”

Casa Bacardi

And there they were. Our cocktails. Looking so exquisite.

Casa Bacardi

Daisy de Santiago. Fleur de Bacardi. Dangerously delicious.

And dangerously delicious they were. The best cocktails I have ever had. Mild, rich in taste, not too sweet, not too strong.

But no surprise – these were the private recipes of  Jean Yves Vottero, a renowned bartender, who had arrived from Barcelona for one night only. He stopped at our table and we had the chance to give him our compliments.

There was a DJ as well who was mixing relaxing chill out.

We were well taken care of that night. Different types of little appetizers magically appeared one after another. Compliment from the house.

Casa Bacardi will close its doors tonight. Their website says they are fully booked. It says more than this actually – “to ensure quality drinks we cannot take anymore reservations”. To ensure the quality…how nice does this sound in the commercial times we live in.

I will remember the night I spent there. Let’s hope they will be back soon with their exclusive cocktails and accommodating team.

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