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Brussels unexpected

Monday evening. I stop for a drink with a friend at Place du Jeu de Balle. The square is a different place. Empty and full of parked cars. The whole neighbourhood has entered the dead season, which will end in three days, on Thursday. Luckily the bar next to the church is open. Chaff. I had been there before. It has two stores and offers relaxed and unconventional atmosphere. The weather tonight is nice and people are sitting outside. It is lively in a subtle way.

The kitchen is already closed but they offer tapas and wine on a stand in front of the bar. The tapas are delicious. As the evening is turning into night and we are preparing to leave, the waiter mentions something about live music. When? It is starting. What genre? You will hear. I am skeptical and wait until I hear. Once I hear it, I grab my bag and we are already inside. It is a small room where the concert is taking place and some ten people are sitting on chairs. Private concert. Three young people – two guys and a girl.  The girl is Asian. She and one of the guys sing in turns. Sometimes together. There is beautiful intensity between them. They look into each other’s eyes and perform with feeling which cannot leave us indifferent.

Coffee or NotThe songs are theirs. It is a genre which is hard for me to define. It reminds me of Hooverphonic but is different. I feel enchanted and privileged. I talk with the girl after and she shares they will be singing again at another place in a couple of weeks. She gives me a card. Only after I will look at it and will find out that they have the playful name Coffee or Not. It suits both them and their music.

That is how my week starts. I wonder how it will end. All can be expected in a city where unexpected treats wait for you behind every corner.

* They have live music not only every Monday but also sometimes on Wednesday and Sunday in Chaff plus many other musical events.

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