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Tango for Lunch

Writing about tango has been inevitable. Just a question of time and timing. And the time has come. In a city where tango is pretty usual I needed an occasion to finally get there. I got there this Wednesday by attending the tango practice De Markten @ Brussels at the old square just behind the corner of St. Catherine. So far it has been happening every second week but from now on it will be weekly. There is a number of things which I find fascinating about this practice.

The location. The Oude Graanmarkt, being so central and at the same time somehow hidden, is one of the most charming squares in Brussels. With its restaurants and cafes it is a magnet for visitors in every season. But in spring and summer reaches its real pick when all these cafes and restaurants take out their tables. A wonderful spot for a drink or dinner.

The hall. Large, with big windows and mirrors, creating a special atmosphere of a dance academy. Not to miss the floor which is just perfect for dancing.

The music. Very varied. Not only traditional tango, which is usually the case at Brussels milongas, but a surprising mixture of tango clasico, tango nuevo and other genres and rhythms.

But most of all – the time. In the middle of the week. At lunch. There is something extremely delicious to go out from the office and the avalanche of tasks, to ware your shoes and privately dance for one hour. Then nonchalantly to go back as if this never happened and focus again on your work. A little secret. A stolen moment. A hidden escape. Even more cherished because of the fast return. And the work continues in another rhythm. The one of tango?

More information about tango in Brussels at

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