Fete! Feest! or Time To Celebrate

Once the spring comes, Brussels starts celebrating. There is at least one festival going on all the time and often more. Like this weekend.

Last night the Fete de l’Iris started together with the Fete de l’Europe. The former is the 24th birthday of Brussels-Capital Region, whose logo is the flower iris, and the latter – to the 9th of May, the Europe Day. The celebrations began with two concerts at Place Royal. I went to the second – of Hooverphonic,   the Belgians who have gained world recognition with their alternative and sexy music. The square was fully packed. And the concert rocked! Amazing musical performance of the band together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra combined with the enchanting voice and enigmatic presence of the singer Noemie Wolfs. They performed for a couple of hours and made the crowd dancing and singing.

Hooverphonic at Place Royal

Simultaneously the initiative Brussels, Candidate for European green capital 2015 has been taking place. On my way to work a couple of days ago I witnessed the construction of the Aeroflorale sculpture and the transformation of the area around it into a garden. Trees in pots appeared in the road and took over the car space. Earlier last night a jazz band was playing on the top of the sculpture. It was truly original and lovely to see.

The creation process


Just a few hors later...


Going green

Not to forget to mention Brussels Short Film Festival which ended also last night. I managed to see a session of five films from the national selection and they were really good. I especially liked La Terre ou le Ciel of the director Francoise Dupal. Interestingly the film plot very much resembled my new Pelican Feather novel – depressed mother after a devastating loss and her 9-10 year old son who feels completely ignored by her. It was exciting to see how another author has developed this situation and to find out we have come up with a similar solution. Jung’s collective unconscious in action once again.




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