Butterflies and Balloons

It has been the longest winter ever. Why do I have the feeling I have written this sentence before? Maybe I have. But it really felt too long. The good news is that it’s over. Brussels is back to life. And I am back to experiencing it in my private way by noticing the beauty of the small details.

Such as these butterflies in the underground connection between Gare Central and the metro. Lovely idea! Tens of white paper butterflies giving a tender touch to the ugly walls.

Butterflies in the metro


Butterflies in the metro


Or this balloon decoration of a private shop at Chaussee d’Ixelles for tomorrow celebrations of Fete d’Iris. A car with two guys in stopped and waited for me to take the picture. This made me smile.


Butterflies and balloons on the same day. I am telling you life is back to being beautiful. Brussels as well.


4 thoughts on “Butterflies and Balloons

  1. They tried many things over the years to flourish the walls of La Gare Central. I remember portraits of people waiting for the train. That wasn’t a success, as nobody felt the need to see more waiting people. Then they had those abstract Mondrian-like paintings in greasy plastic attempting to embellish the black concrete walls. However, they seemed to be in fierce competition and fighting for attention with their background.

    it’s years ago I went there. Maybe the butterflies now will do better, and survive the late spring …

    • Thanks for sharing Aldo! Interesting to know. Let’s see how long the butterflies will “like” it there…

    • Thank you for sharing this Milan! Very happy to know who the person behind this wonderful concept is and that it has been spreading all over the globe.

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