Delicious Magic with Brussels Chocolate Week

First Brussels Chocolate Week ended on Sunday. I was not able to join any of the guided tours, theme walks or breakfast arrangements at The Cocoa and Chocolate Museum. But being a great chocolate-lover I felt it a must to give my tribute to the Week. So on Saturday morning I went to the nearby Leonidas and bought a Chocolate Pass. A delicious name isn’t it? The experience was even more delicious.

Together with the 5-euro Pass which looked like a small notebook with ten tickets inside, I got a newspaper containing a map of all the chocolate places I could visit and information about them and the Week. And the adventured started.

Already in Leonidas I got three chocolates by choice. Then I paid a visit to the chocolaterias around Grand Place and each time I was getting their contribution to the Week for a ticket. I tried all sorts of chocolates and it was so very delicious! It was also very nice to see other Pass-holders doing the same.

It was a dark and rainy day but the chocolate fest was taking over. And this is one thing which I really love about Brussels – there are some initiatives all the time which bring magic into life.

My compliments to Brussels Capital Region and VISITBRUSSELS, its communications agency for tourism, for once again turning an ordinary day into a little miracle.

Accidentally, earlier in the week, I also saw the longest chocolate train in the world at Gare du Midi. As I found out later it is 34.04 metres long and was made using 1,285 kilos of chocolate.

The First Brussels Chocolate Week is now over. But don’t eat yourself up if you have missed it. Chocolate is something one simply cannot miss in Brussels.

2 thoughts on “Delicious Magic with Brussels Chocolate Week

  1. On my first trip to Brussels, I was traveling with a group on business. We all bought chocolate to bring back to our families. However, one of the guys went overboard and really purchases a lot. We were flying Delta airlines home and on the return flight we were talking to one of the flight attendants about our experience and time in Brussels. We mentioned that we had purchased a lot of chocolate and she was envious and asked what she could trade for it. We promptly told her the drink cart. To our surprise she agreed and we spent the entire trip back near the galley drinking and sharing drinks with other passenger from our newly acquired drink cart. That my friends is how good chocolate from Brussels is!

    • Nice story, Tim. Thanks for sharing! Yes, Belgian chocolate can do magic. I also liked the fact that you shared your profit with other passengers. A lot of blessings must have been flying back to Brussels. 🙂

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