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Jana’s Seasonal Supper

Last night I joined Jana’s Seasonal Supper at the Urban Ecology Centre . It is a monthly initiative in which visitors cook and eat together vegetarian food in exchange for a donation to support the ecological initiatives of the Centre.

It was my first time and I was very pleasantly surprised by the Centre’s atmosphere. It is a cozy and artistic place with beautiful acts of women on the wall.

The three musicians of Vatapa de Fruta Pao were playing relaxing Brazilian music.

My former European Disability Forum colleague Jana Arsenjeva was running the show in the kitchen coordinating some four-five amateur chiefs. I immediately joined the team and was given a magazine with a receipt for the preparation of Spicy Morrocan vegetables to follow. Everything had already been cut or sliced so I only had to make sure that it turns into the described dish.

A total of four-five dishes were prepared including curry, baked potatoes, the above mentioned Maroccan vegetables, steamed broccoli and sprouts and salads. The desert consisted of apple and pea crumbles. Everything was very delicious and as the pots appeared on the table, the food in them was immediately disappearing.

It was a lovely experience of sharing and fun. I met some very nice people there and am definitely going back next month for more!

The creators of the Urban Ecology Centre describe it as a laboratory for ecological action in the widest sense. The Centre is a platform for experimentation and an independent space for public debate on societal questions. The objective is to share and to invite people to engage with ecological issues and actions, to project them onto all spheres of society.

* Photos: Davy Engone Nze

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